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We consider the electrical installation to be at the heart of your business. The necessary power demands and all work performed will be in line with the BS 7671 wiring regulations. We also ensure the equipment is of the highest European quality, adequate safety protection is in place and a thorough installation testing is performed.

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Electrical power disruption can cost you business and financial losses. We can provide backup generator power installed to your office. We also ensure all sensitive electrical equipment is protected with an uninterrupted power supply UPS. This will ensure your 24x7 business continuity should there be an outage from the utility.

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Depending on the size of your premises we can provide adequate energy efficient air conditioning solutions. An efficient ventilation system design is also important to ensure fresh air is distributed to all areas.

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Everybody is aware of the risks on life and business from the threat of fire. We provide adequate fire detection and suppression systems. We also provide health and safety and fire exit sign-age.

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Surveillance and protection of your premises from internal and external threats is very important. At XS Offices we provide traditional CCTV solutions as well as IP high definition surveillance. We also provide surveillance monitoring from mobile devices or remote premises.

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Having traditional keys is a security threat when it comes to your office as they can be shared or copied. At XS Offices we can provide you with biometric access control via finger prints. This system will ensure access control of your employees is recorded and sharing or loss of keys will no longer be possible.

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We don't just build your office; we can also help you to a smooth transition of all your IT systems to your new office. We can also provide Server & Virtual Desktop technology.

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An efficient network is at the core of your operations. We can build you a secure and technology redundant CAT5e or CAT6 network. We also take care of all the arrangements with the telecommunication providers and can also connect your office to multiple providers.

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Employee mobility and internet access for your guests will be expected in your new office. We ensure your WI-FI technology provides efficient and complete coverage for your office. We can also provide site to site wireless technology.

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We can help you transition your current legacy analog PABX or provide you a modern digital Voice Over IP (VOIP) system. Different configurations are available to ensure the client requirements are met. We also take care of interconnecting your telephony with telecommunication providers.

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Intrusion detection is yet another threat control system. At XS Offices we provide modern & secure technology to ensure your premises are protected. The intrusion detection system can also be enabled to send alarms to any mobile phone.

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We can also provide our clients with new computer systems & peripherals or help them transition their current computer systems to their new office. We can also do all the required desk wiring up to a high standard.

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There might be instances when our clients would require some functionality for timing or control of some areas or features added to their office space. At XS Offices we can create custom hardware or software to accommodate this custom functionality.

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